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The Zeitgeist Report 2023

The ultimate trend-guide for brands in Switzerland

There is much that is new in the second edition of the Zeitgeist Report. On the basis of 39 trends (called "Edges"), we show which cultural trends are emerging in the Swiss population and to what extent they will change the views and behavior of consumers in this country. 

Improved survey methods now allow us to describe the relevance and scope of the Edges more precisely and quantitatively. Furthermore, the new data situation allows us to determine the relevance of the respective Edges in various target group segments. This allows us to identify not only relevant communicative territories for each brand, but also disruptive growth potential.

The highlights and all the information on how to get your individual report are available in the Zeitgeist Report 2023 - get your free copy now!

Life on the Edge:

What do Swiss Consumers think about Metaverse, Virtual Reality or Artifical Intelligence?

Everyone is talking about the metaverse, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, non-fungible tokens or even cryptocurrencies these days. But how well do Swiss consumers actually understand what is in store for us? With all the buzz surrounding these new technologies, it’s easy to lose track. 


We wanted to better understand them and therefore asked Swiss consumers about their perceptions, use, and feelings towards the metaverse and its related technologies. 


With the metaverse and its associated technologies, we are not only facing new and exciting creative tools, but our behaviour as individuals and consumers will also evolve and change. 

Give yourself and your brand a competitive advantage by anticipating these new needs early on.

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This study, “Metaverse Barometer Switzerland 2023”, was carried out by TBWA\Switzerland in collaboration with the University of Lausanne in February 2023.